13 things I've learned during my own weight loss journey

✨Feeling like you’re having a constant debate in your mind is normal

✨ Going from hating to loving yourself has to go through acceptation

✨The less you listen, the more your body will signal it (💩🤒😴🥴😱)

✨Mental health matters. Therapy is healthy. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is too

✨No one is judging yourself harder than you are

✨A bad day isn’t a bad year, month or week

✨Vegetables aren’t as scary as you think 🥕🥬🥦

✨ Investing in an Apple watch was the best decision made

✨Clean eating isn’t as difficult or expensive as you think

✨ Intuitive eating isn’t “trendy”. It’s the secret to connecting and respecting your body

✨You are your own best friend

✨Set your boundaries, it will become easier with time

✨Every single person is different. Your diet, who you are, your values and priorities are too. Respect differences and don’t compare yourself to others. Diet ABC might work for your neighbour, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

Bio-individuality is key 🔑

Change takes time. But I promise you with all my heart, if I’ve managed to go from the unhealthiest person in your contact list to who I am today, SO CAN YOU ❤️

This is the reason why I am a coach today. Because I know how hard it is, but I also know the inner strength we all have inside of us.

Don’t give up, it’s never too late.